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Research Lodge
Minerva 27

This is the official homepage of
Research Lodge Minerva 27,
regularly constituted and held under the jurisdiction of
the Grand Lodge f. & a. m. of Finland

Research Lodge Minerva 27 was founded in 1962 to take care of Masonic Research work in Finland. Minerva publishes a Year Book called Annales Minervae and also special studies in a series called Acta Minervae. Four Lodge Meetings are held annually in different cities around the country. There are about 20 regional bodies called Minerva Clubs. Nowadays Minerva has over 700 members.
These pages are provided and © by Pirkanmaa Minerva Club.
Contacts: Bro. Timo Hahtala, email: ttg@sci.fi
Last edited: 1/26/1996